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Camping - Rules

05-2018 Camping Regulations and Rights
ZEC Dumoine

1. For organized campgrounds (annual occupancy) or rustic (limited duration stay), on the territory of the ZEC DUMOINE, a person must:

i. Use a camping gear, mobile, temporary and not tied to the ground;

ii. Register upon arrival at any ZEC registration Office

iii. Pay on total for the type of camping (Organized vs Rustic).

- Organized campgrounds: Pricing on the campsites is determined by the Board of Directors of the zec, and doesn't have to be approved by the Minister.

- Rustic campsite: Rustic camping pricing is on a development plan for recreational activities (PDAR) and must be approved by the Minister.

iv. Read the 05-2018 Camping Regulations and Rights zec Dumoine, and sign the rental contract between the camper and the zec, as appropriate;

v Commit to respect and comply with the regulations, and this, without exception..

vi. For organized campgrounds (annual Occupation), only use the location assigned by the zec and identified in the rental contract. All equipment installed outside the boundaries of the location identified to its lease will be towed to the closest registration station and towing fees will have to be paid in full by the owners.

vii. At least one visit on his campsite for the period from May to October each year. Otherwise, an eviction notice will be sent to the tenant with a period of 21 days to release all equipment from the rental location.

viii. Have a valid renting contract and hold an annual package for hunting or fishing on the Zec Dumoine valid for the current year.

ix. Except for organized campgrounds and storage sites implemented by the zec, all users must remove their camping equipment from the territory of the zec before November 30th and until May 1st. Also, camping equipment must be removed when not in use for more than 48 hours except from moose hunting, from labour day weekend until the last day of moose hunting. Storage areas are available on the territory of the zec Dumoine. For terms and conditions of use of these areas, please contact the director of the zec Dumoine.

x. Do not move the picnic tables which are reserved for campers from the temporary campsite for short stay.

xi. Ensure that no equipment, accessory, waste or other object or material be left on-site when leaving (transfer) an organized campsite (annual occupancy). Cleaning fee will be charged in the event of failure to comply with this article;


For this regulation, a "camping equipment" is defined as a trailer or a trailer designed for camping, can travel on public roads, usually used for this kind of activity and towed by a passenger vehicle. The dimensions will be those of standard camping trailers and shall meet the criteria of the Department of transport and shall be legal on the public roads without a special permit.

In respect of 25.3 of the zec of hunting and fishing regulations adopted by the Government, camping gear must be mobile, temporary and not attached to the ground. So it must be easily movable, on wheels or on a pick-up for campier or Fifth Wheel. All trailers type 'MOBILE home or commercial trailer’ are specifically prohibited.

Despite the fact that camping equipment should be mobile and easily movable, it can be installed on supports on the ground, so that the floor does not exceed a maximum height of 24 inches from the ground.


Definition: for this regulation, the shed, the Gazebo, or the gallery are considered camping accessories.

Limits for camping accessories are the following:

3.1 accessory must be placed directly on the ground or on blocks;

3.2 The sum of the area covered by these accessories shall not exceed the camping equipment area (Ratio 1: 1); NOTE: See point 4 for maximum ZEC standards to respect.

3.3 accessories height may not exceed that of camping gear, except to allow the opening of the camping equipment door;

3.4 The accessory must not be attached to the equipment;

3.5 No insulation, no plumbing or any electric wiring are permitted, whether in the walls, floors or the roof of the camping accessory.

Other additional limits put in place by the zec Dumoine

o All accessory must be easily removable.

o Each side accessory, other than the sheds, must have at least 40% of openings and a maximum of 60% of the closed surface (wood, aluminum, etc.).

o No window is allowed during construction or landscaping of the accessory. Only screen and plastic windows (plexiglass type) are allowed to close an opening (with the exception of the door, which is not considered an opening in this definition).

4. Authorized accessories and camping equipment :

Special conditions

On an organized campsite, the camper shall only have:

- One camping equipment in accordance with article 2

- One single accessory (Gallery or gazebo) compliant (Art. 3) whose maximum dimensions are 144 ft2 (subject to article 3.2)

- One single storage accessory (shed) with a maximum dimension of 96 ft2, including the temporary shelter style tempo. (subject to compliance with article 3.2)

Important note: Despite these conditions, the sum of the size of the shed and the Gazebo must not exceed the area of the camping Equipment (Ratio 1: 1 )

5 application for equipment and accessories - treatment period.

Before proceeding to the installation of a new trailer or any kind of camping accessories on the described location on his rental agreement, the camper (tenant) must beforehand, contact the administration of the zec Dumoine (landlord) between December 1 and February 28, present a detailed project plan and get a written authorization issued by the administration. Any request for authorization will be analyzed before the opening of the season. No application will be considered outside the mentioned dates. In granting such authorization, the landlord does not give away his entitlement to access the campsite that was attributed to the camper (tenant).
NB: A confirmation of authorization (certificate) will be sent by e-mail or be delivered in person at the registration office.

6. Usage of TOILETS and sewage

6.1 management of wastewater

• The toilet that is part of the user’s camping equipment must be drained in places provided specifically for this purpose. If he is unable to meet this environmental measure, the camper must use dry toilets made available to them by the Zec Dumoine.

• No private toilet, except those that are part of the user’s camping equipment, is allowed on the Zec Dumoine campgrounds.

6.2 management of wastewater (greywater)

• It is forbidden to dispose of wastewater from the sink on the territory of the Zec Dumoine, unless you have an absorbent well that meets the environmental standards in force.

7 To acquire a lot on an organized campground (annual occupancy), a person must :

7.1 Apply as of May 1 of the current year, indicating what desired campgrounds. If the user is offered one or more locations (lots) vacant on a campsite that he had chosen, and then refuses, his name will automatically be at the bottom of the waiting list.

7.2 pay his bill received by e-mail or by mail within 30 days, for the location that the zec management assigned to the user, category type 1 or 2 (see table 1). If payment is not made within the terms (see section 8.1) the location becomes available without further notice and will be offered to users interested, in order of requests received officially by the Zec Dumoine and registered on the waiting list.

7.3 respect and accept as a camper this regulation on receipt of the payment to the office of the Zec.

8 For a renewal of an Organized Campsite (annual Occupancy) and late payment

8.1 Renewal for organized campsites will be charged between December 1 and January 30, payable no later than 30 days after the billing;

*** An additional fee of $ 25 will be charged for the unpaid bills at the end of 30 days and $ 50 if the Zec sends a final notice after the deadline for payment.

8.2 All camping lots which the bill is unpaid after the deadline on the last notice, will be offered to registered customers on the waiting list.

8.3 Payment of the invoice can be made at the Caisse Populaire Desjardins (participating Institution), Rapides-des-Joachims directly at the reception desk of the zec Dumoine or over the phone with a credit card (fee of 3% will be charged for this method of payment). Billing can be done either by e-mail or by mail.

8.4 Distribution of stickers (proof of payment) will be done at the start of the season, at the registration desk and will be conditional upon the customer becomes aware of the regulation on the conditions for the practice of camping on the territory of the zec Dumoine and signed the lease.

9 Non-renewal of a campsite on an Organized Campground (yearly occupancy)

9.1 In the case of non-renewal, the lot will be available and will be offered to the next user on the waiting list.

*** In regards of the equipment still present on the lot, 21 days will be given to the tenant to recover his belongings from the start of the season. After this period, the goods will be moved by the Zec Dumoine at the expense of the owner of the equipment, payable before their recovery.

9.2 At the end of the term of the lease, as well as upon termination of the rental contract, the user must, at his own expense, remove all camping equipment and accessories and ensure the lot is cleaned and in the same state as when he took over.

10.0 pricing for visitors or for a temporary campsite on an organized campground.


10.1 pay the costs for each adult user (18 and +) present on a campsite or for the rental of a short-term campsite (temporary) on one of these designated sites, planned packages (table 2).

Table 3: List of the Organized Campgrounds on the territory
Landscaped camping sites covered by this flat-rate pricing

  • Table3new

11. Pricing for rustic CAMPING activity

11.1 A person who practices the "Rustic camping" activity on the territory of the zec Dumoine, shall pay the costs under this activity (table 4). These fees are established under the Development Plan for recreational activities (PDAR) in force at the Zec Dumoine and are applicable to all adult campers (18 +) staying on the anywhere on the territory of the Zec Dumoine, with the exception of sites listed above.

12. Pricing for shelters and temporary shelters provided for in the development plan for recreational activities (PDAR)

A person staying in a shelter or temporary shelter must pay the fees listed in the PDAR (table 5).

13. Other requirements (annex 1)

14. Fees adjustment
All pricing changes adopted by the Board of Directors comes into force on the date of approval by the Minister, or, failing such notice, 30 days from the date where it was transmitted to the Minister.

Any violation of this rule may result in expulsion from the campground with no refund.

*** If there is a difference between the wording of this regulation and any display, the current regulations prevail.

15 Enforcement
This regulation comes into force on the date of approval by the Minister, or, failing such notice, 30 days from the date where it was transmitted to the Minister.

Adopted this 1st day of March 2018 by the Board of Directors of the Association of hunters and fishers of the Dumoine River (Zec Dumoine).

Approved this 14th day of April 2018 by the vote of at least two-thirds of the members present at the Annual General Assembly of the Zec Dumoine.

Transmitted to the Ministry of forests, wildlife and parks this 17th day of (April 2018)

Association of hunters and fishers of the Dumoine River (Zec Dumoine)



 Rental of the location assigned to them or their equipment by the campers to other people on the territory of the Zec Dumoine is strictly prohibited. It shall be offered to people on the waiting list and administrated by the ZEC, NOT the user.

 The campsite cannot be transferred from the sale of equipment (caravan, trailer or another facility), in respect of the people registered on the waiting list.

 In the case of Organized Campgrounds (yearly occupancy), all camping location are assigned for the duration of the rental contract signed by the user. Rental and assignment of campsites are under the exclusive responsibility of the direction of the ZEC Dumoine, following the waiting list

 Zec Dumoine is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to the property of the users and is not considered having custody of such property at any time.

 PENALTY to the tenant -IF FOUND GUILTY FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE RELEASE OF WALLEYES. FOR THE users of the camping Sangsue, any person found guilty for failure to comply with the release of walleyes and exceeded the limit of allowed possession will lose his right of rental for annual camping for two (2) years. After two years the customer can put his name on the waiting list to get an annual campsite again.

 All equipment and accessories on a campsite, existing or future must comply with approved regulations in accordance with the Zec Dumoine and the Ministery. A copy of these regulations is available at all times at the office of the zec Dumoine

 The permit authorizing the holder to camp on an Organized Campground site must be visible at all times, in one of the windows of the camping equipment (caravan, trailer, and other recreational vehicles);

 It is forbidden to cut or damage the trees or shrubs;

 All accessory must have a free-standing structure. It is prohibited to use or to cling to trees to support or anchor temporary facilities (tarps or other);

 It is forbidden to change or move the installations built by the Zec Dumoine;

 It is forbidden to move or remove the sign of the lot of a location identified;

 Noise: between 23 hours in the evening and 8 o'clock in the morning, do not disturb the tranquillity of the other campers, including the use of generators. Any excess may result in eviction.

 Each owner must keep his pet under control at all time and will have to pick up his feces from the camping site and dispose of it properly;

 At all times, the traffic lanes and common areas must be free of any obstructions;

 Users must bring their garbage at the point of deposit. (Centre de recyclage Témiscamingue and High);

 No camping equipment (tent, trailer, caravan or other recreational vehicle) can be installed within 15 meters of a lake or a stream (from the high water line);

 It is forbidden to operate a dirt bike (Motocross) within 1 kilometer from all official campsites;

 It is forbidden to circulate more than 15 kilometres per hour on all campsites of the zec Dumoine;

 It is forbidden to store permanently any kind of motor vehicle on an organized campground site granted by the zec Dumoine, especially between October 1St and May 1St. Refer to management for additional information.

 The practice of camping activity is prohibited before May 1St of each year.

 Protection for the roof must be fixed and be an integral part of camping gear and not to exceed twelve (12) inches from the highest part of the original roof of the caravan (camping gear). To go on the road, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure compliance with the rules of the MTQ.



Table 1 : Rates for organized campground lot (annual occupancy) and the use of a storage are :

  • Table1

ANNUAL pricing - (Taxes included)
Landscaped, campsite type 1 : All waterfront lots $ 250.00
Landscaped, campsite type 2 : All lots away from water $ 200.00
Storage area: Storage of equipment on a lot approved by Zec Dumoine $ 50.00

Table 2 : Rates for visitors in an organized campground (annual Occupancy) and temporary sites.

  • Table2

FLAT rate - (Taxes included)
Temporary rental - short stay Visitors (organized campground)
1 person / *. 2 people / *. individual family
1 DAY $ 12 $ 17 1 day $ 5 $ 10
3 DAYS $ 30 $ 45 Annual $ 37 $ 47
7 DAYS $ 70 $ 72
14 DAYS $ 77 $ 87

* Rate per location
* Only one equipment of camping by lot. (Tent, trailer, caravan or other recreational vehicle)
-A person is an adult of 18 years and older.

Development of recreational activity plan

Table 4: Rates for rustic camping

  • Table4

Type of package Night/persond Annual individuall Annual familyf
Rate $ 5.00 $ 37.00 $ 47.00

d : A person is an adult of 18 years and older. No pricing is applied for children (under 18 years) with an adult.

e . In the case of the individual annual package for rustic camping activity, the person can stay more than one day as many time as desired during the year but is required to remove all his equipment each time he leaves the territory for more than 48 hours.

f Package for family camping includes the package holder, his or her spouse and all their children under 18.

Table 5: Rates for the rental of shelters and temporary shelters

Pricing for shelters and temporary shelters
Type of accommodation Type of package Year
shelters 1 day/person *. $ 14.00
Temporary Shelters 1 day/person *. $ 7.00

  • Table5

* Person: adults 18 years and older
* Up to 5 consecutive days