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VRS – Virtual Registration Site or PAV (Poste d’Accueil Virtuel)  -  You need to create an ID code and pass word.

Steps to follow to purchase an annual FORFAIT : 

1. Have a valid email address, ideally yours.

2. On the ZEC Dumoine (VRS or PAV) website, choose FORFAIT and complete all the mandatory information.

3. Print your invoice.

Note 1: A 3% fee will be added to your invoice for the use of the Zec Dumoine (VRS or PAV).

Note 2: All annual FORFAIT include membership card, the right to circulate on Zec Dumoine territory and Airmédic.

Steps to follow to REGISTER (Enregistrer):

1. Have your ID code and pass word..

2. On the Zec Dumoine website (VRS or PAV) choose Registration (Enregistrement) and follow the steps.

3. The Registration form for your stay must be completed and printed no sooner than 4 days before your arrival.

4. It is mandatory to validate (note 5) registration when entering the territory of ZEC Dumoine.

5. At the end of your stay, hand in your documents before exiting Zec Dumoine territory. (Note 6).

6. Declare all your catches. See note 7.

Note 3: Enter your ID code and pass word exactly as you created.

Note 4: Camping - Please add the costs of camping activities for any mode of camping to avoid having to print a second invoice or receive a second invoice issued by the ZEC.

Note 5: To validate your registration, use the punch (timestamp) installed at the Zec Dumoine registration office, to indicate your hours of arrival and exit.

Note 6: Returning registration forms: Before leaving the ZEC, please make sure you return all documents to the attendant at the Registration office or in the self-registration box.

Omitting to hand-in your registration form at the end of your stay is considered an offense and subject to a fine.

Note 7: Fish: it is mandatory to declare all your catches and their weights. If the Zec Dumoine office is closed, enter this information on the back on the registration form, section “fish and hunting statistics” , and leave in the self-registration box.