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This beautiful territory that is now the ZEC Dumoine hides a rich history adventures and discoveries.

The first inhabitants to cross the territory of the ZEC Dumoine were the Otaguottouemins. The Algonquin tribe led a nomadic life. To meet their needs, they fished, hunted and gathered wild fruits (blueberries and raspberries). They lived in this land until 1918 before being completely decimated by the flu.

In 1850, two forest companies (the ancestors of Consolidated Bathurst and EB Eddy) discover the vast white pine forests of southeastern Témiscamingue. At that time, pines of this size and beauty were unheard of! Once transformed into square white pine wood, small boats steam (Aligator steam boat) towed the logs to the dump. Chute Rivière Dumoine

The Dumoine was coveted for timber floating. To avoid log pile ups at the falls of the river, they built there slides, commonly called slides. These are the loggers who had the perilous task of guiding the wood to the slides. Even today, there are vestiges of these slides along the river.

At the time, several camps were established by the logging companies in the area. There was lumber camps, where they were living in very primitive conditions. deposits, where they were storing food, equipment and wood and tree farms, which produce, year after year, some cereals, meat and other products related to the earth. To supply these genuine small logging towns, trails were cleared from the camps to the nearest waterway. These paths were then used by horse-drawn carts to wheel metal. Through soil compaction by the repeated passage of these metal wheels, vegetation has not recolonized on these "wagon trails." Zec Dumoine has a good opportunity to revitalize sections undisturbed by forestry operations in order to make a great hiking trail of 24 km.

Even today, companies exploit the immense forest that grows in the territory. For cons, the operational resources have changed alot since the time of loggers and slides.


A true forest mosaic

On the territory of the ZEC, two gigantic ecosystems meet, that of the boreal forest and the mixed forest. There are also rare species in Quebec, trees of gigantic size, exceptional forests, rich wildlife habitats and pristine areas. These are genuine relics of the Quebec landscape before the start of the forest age.

An impressive wealth of wildlife

The territory of the ZEC offers a wide variety of habitats, resulting in species diversity. In addition, the richness of these habitats allows high densities of animals thrive. This combination causes frequent and varied between users and wildlife encounters. For example, turtles are very numerous and more than 120 species of birds have been recorded in the region.

Exceptional quality hunting

The high occupancy density of wildlife in the territory inevitably leads to a good success rate for hunting. Hunting rifle Zec Dumoine is recognized as one of the best in Quebec, both for the good success rate (about 15% per hunter years when the female is allowed) for the number of trophies harvested each year. This area is however less exploited when bow hunting and pristine black powder. The package of moose hunting with a bow or black powder now includes the ability to harvest a deer at no additional cost. For those interested!


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