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Calling all fans of adventure or family activities, team Zec Dumoine want to share this beautiful land with all lovers of exceptional natural landscape!

1. The trail of the Dumoine (24 km) is available temporary (4km) to the campsite of Lake Robinson.
This trail follows a long hike trail (Wagon Trail) which was created to feed the tree farms of major projects cutting another century. We discover the most enchanting landscapes of the ZEC. A retreat is halfway through.

2. La forêt des Grands(1.5 miles)
This trail is a loop on the mountain behind les Gîtes Dumoine Nature. It presents an interesting forest diversity, some panoramas and beaver habitat.

3. Around the island (0.5 km)
The island which houses the largest house of the outfitter (Keal island), this trail offers some breathtaking views of the big lake Sangsues.

This trail leads to a series of beautiful waterfalls and natural pools. Trail of Mill Falls (0.5 km). It is close to three campgrounds.

The practice of this activity is free, some costs may be related to your stay on the ZEC. For more information, please visit the pricing section.


  • Canoe-camping

  • Hiking

  • Whitewater kayaking

  • Mountain biking

  • Beach access

  • Fruit picking

  • Canoeing

  • kayaking

  • ATV

  • Snowmobile

  • Mushroom picking